Top Six Things You Need To Do In Darwin Australia

Darwin, Australia is the capital of the Northern Territory. It offers some of the most exotic and rare wildlife, beautiful beaches, and amazing museums and parks in Australia. Here are the top six things you need to do in Darwin, Australia.

1. Encounter Some Crocodiles At Crocosaurus Cove

If you are the adventurous type head on over to Crocosaurus Cove where you can feed some salt-water crocodiles. There is also an amazing freshwater aquarium featuring barrumundi, whiprays, and archer fish. The truly brave can splash around with prehistoric reptiles underwater in the “Cage of Death”.

2. Shop At The Mindil Beach Market

Nothing is better in Darwin then shopping as the sun goes down at the Mindil Beach Market. The food there is delicious and extremely fresh. The wares are all handcrafted. The market only operates on Thursdays and Sunday evenings, and you can even grab a relaxing massage there too.

3. Find Exotic Birds In The Mangroves

Sign up for the half day tour in the Mangroves, and your reward will be some birds that you likely will have never seen. On this beautiful two kilometer walk visitors can spot cockatoos, kingfishers, and majestic finches.

Binoculars will be providedĀ so that those on the tour can see these beautiful birds close up. The tour cuts through a forest, woodlands, and even the coastline. For much of the walk, you can enjoy seeing birds from the boardwalk.

4. Take In The Wonders Of Litchfield National Park

Take on a 4WD Hire service (click here for our recommendation) for the best way to experience the wonders of nature that makes Darwin a must visit. At Litchfield National Park there are day tours featuring an amazing day of adventure. Where else can you go bathe in a waterfall, hop on a boat to search for crocs on the Adelaide river, and enjoy some tasty prawns? Litchfield National Park is a must visit for those that love both the serenity of natureĀ and breathtaking views of wildlife.

5. Learn The History Of Darwin At The Darwin Military Museum

Not many people know that Darwin was bombed during World War 2 in 1942. At the Darwin Military Museum, the bombing is shown through interactive multimedia to show the devastation. There is also a theater there depicting how the soldiers bravely defended Darwin in the aftermath of the bomb.

Visit Bicentennial Park By The Darwin Harbor

Down by Darwin Harbor is the iconic Bicentennial Park. The park features several monuments to honor those that died in the Darwin bombing. The Cenotaph War Memorial and the USS Peary memorials are must visits.

Bicentennial Park also holds many festivals throughout the year. Greek Glenti is one of the major festivals, which is a celebration of delicious Greek foods and culture within the Greek community of Darwin.

There is plenty to do in Darwin for those that love to explore wildlife. There are also some delicious restaurants, sophisticated bars, and relaxing accommodations for those that enjoy the finer things. Darwin’s crocodiles, beautiful birds, historic museums, and parks are just a glimpse of all Darwin has to offer.