Seed to Stem is a small gift shop located in the city of Worcester, Massachusetts. More than just a gift shop, Seed to Stem is the creative culmination of two artist's ideas to create a unique shopping experience like no other. Seed to Stem is owned and operated by Virginia Orlando and Candace Atchue, who started a multitude of projects together in 2003. The shop itself celebrates the beauty and perfection of the natural world, boasting unusual botanicals, terrariums, natural objects, curiosities, home accessories, antiquities and more. These two women carefully craft each unique terrarium and piece of botanical art in the shop, as well as curate each item they carry with a discerning eye. Virginia and Candace have been influenced by the natural world, travel, art and design, and the stories antiques carry with them. Their obsession with the juxtaposition of the beauty of life as well as in death is prominent throughout their shop. They hope that by connecting people with nature, they can help them further connect with their own selves, and back to their roots.

Monday, September 19

Terrarium Wedding Love

Seed to Stem designed their very first all terrarium wedding this past Saturday. The couple wanted to have a unique wedding and paid special attention to everything from the venue to their farm to table dining, to their gift registry, which included a link to make donations to their favorite local charity. The wedding took place at the beautiful Artists for Humanity Epi-Center in Boston. The building is Boston's first LEED Platinum certified building, and offers opportunities for urban youth in the arts. Season to Taste Catering provided the food for the evening, sourcing seasonal ingredients from local farms, to create a unique, "green" dining experience. Popshop dj's provided diverse and personal music selections for the evening. We can not wait to see the photo's from the evening from photographer and Aviary Gallery  proprietor, Lindsay Metivier! Of course, the floral decor was provided by us at Seed to Stem! We chose modern glass and hardy plants to create the terrariums for this event. These ever-lasting centerpieces looked amazing against the bold paintings which flanked the walls of the epi-center. The couple wanted to stay true to the buildings character, and the terrariums with their modern silhouettes, and "green" nature did just that. We only wish we had time to take more photo's to share!

For those of you who attended this wonderful event
and were able to leave with a terrarium, please visit 
our "care instructions" link on this site. Please feel 
free to contact us at
with any questions or concerns. We hope you
enjoy your planting for years to come!

Tuesday, September 13

stART on the Street - Fall Edition

Come visit our booth along with over 200 other artists and
 crafters at this years stART on the Street Fall Festival! 
Sunday, September 18th -Park Ave, Worcester, Ma
Here is a little sneak peak!

Sunday, September 11

Modern-Rustic Bridal Bouquets

We thought we would share with you our wedding
work from this past weekend. The unusual combination of 
soft whites featuring succulents, tillandsia(air-plants), ferns, 
and grasses were stunning.  We love using succulents and 
tillandsia in all of our fresh floral design. We encourage the 
couples to plant pieces of their bouquet after the wedding 
and enjoy their living memento for years to come. 

These adorable heart shaped succulents (Ceropegia woodii)
hung sweetly over the bouquet. When rooted they grow 
vigorously and are a hardy, easy to care for vine.